Robot assisted surgery

In 2012 my local hospital Bradford Royal Infirmary installed a Da Vinci Robotic Surgery system. According to a 2014 article in the local paper (Bradford Telegraph & Argus) the robot … translates hand movements of the surgeon into precise movements of the instrument, it is able to identify and ignore hand tremors … and increased the number prostate removals from 44 to 150 per year and significantly reduces the trauma of surgery. Instead of the patient requiring 4-5 nights in hospital prostate surgery now only requires an overnight stay. It is also used for procedures such as removal of kidney tumours.
Two years ago I had my prostate removed at the Bradford Royal Infirmary and I was discharged the following day.
The Da Vinci robot, manufactured in the USA is widely used in UK hospitals. However they are expensive to purchase and run (£2 million to buy and £3000 for each procedure). The system weighs 800 kg can only be used in one operating theatre.
A new system the Versius, manufactured by the British company CMR surgical, is now available. It is a modular design which is portable, the arms are mounted on separate carts and it can be brought into the theatre where it is needed. It is sold as a service including all instrumentation and maintenance rather than being purchased outright. The overall cost saving is about 40%.
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