Right First Time

Right First TimeTo make the product the customer needs, and continue to make the right product as market conditions change, it is necessary to apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act-Cycle, or as Frank Price puts it, we must answer the questions:

  •  Can we make it OK?
  • Are we making it OK?
  • Have we made it OK?
  • Can we make it better?

Price’s dictum: “No inspection or measurement without proper recording, No recording without analysis, No analysis without action;” should be applied by every organisation which intends to continue in business.

By using practical examples Price explains how to determine average and standard deviation, and use the information to analyse data and control the manufacturing process.

This is the most helpful book I have ever read on Quality Control.  It is readable. It includes examples of how NOT to do it right (which we can easily apply to our own work situations). It explains how to plan the task in hand, record and analyse the results, and adjust the process to make sure we continue to do it right.  I first read “Right First Time” in 1987 when I was studying for my Institute of Quality Assurance (now CQI) membership exams. I have tried to apply his methods in my career in Quality Assurance.