The quality management system (QMS) must be reviewed by management at planned intervals to ensure it is effective and suitable for the organisation.

Before conducting a review of the QMS information on its performance must be collected, including:

  • Performance against objectives
  • Results of audits
  • Problems and corrective action
  • Opportunities for improvement

Minutes of the previous management review should be reviewed, changes agreed, and approved (if this has not already been completed), and the actions followed-up.

The management review also provides an opportunity to review the quality policy and set objectives for the coming year.

The management review is usually conducted once or twice a year, and it should not take more than an hour.  The agenda for the review can be a standard document based on the requirements of the applicable version of ISO 9001, but detailed inputs must be prepared and they should be read by participants before the meeting.

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bradQual  can assist you in conducting management reviews by preparing the inputs, leading the meeting, recording the decisions and reporting them to management.  If it is not easy to identify or collect suitable inputs we can work with you to develop the QMS to ensure the information can be easily obtained when required.