Post Office – Lost Horizon

  • If a computer system is not meeting its intended goals after 3 years it should be scrapped and replaced because there must be something better (and cheaper) available.
    The Post Office’s Horizon computer system has been malfunctioning since it went live in 2000 with sub-postmasters accused of fraud due to unexplained shortfalls. The Post Office did not accept they had a problem until 2016.
    Why were the problems allowed to go on for so long?
  • Eye 1519 Lost in the post

  • Private Eye 1519, 3-Apr-2020, carries a major article on the problems of the Post Office’s Horizon computer system and the suufering of the sub-postmasters who were sacked and made banckrupt, and in some cases convicted of fraud and imprisoned. Just before Christmas the appeal court found in favour of the sub-postmasters.
    Follow the link to download a scanned copy of the article
    Justice lost in the post