Face Mask

During the Covid19 pandemic it is recommended that we wear face masks to protect others from our droplets, coughs and sneezes when we are within 2 metres of people outside our household (in shops, on public transport, at work). But what type of face covering do we need?

I recently purchased some HCTian Washable & Reusable dust masksĀ  on Amazon. There was nothing in the description that indicated they were for domestic use only so I assumed that they would be covered by 2016/425 (the EU PPE regulations). The masks were not CE marked and did not come with instructions in English (or any other EU language), which would be required if they were PPE for commercial use.

When you purchase PPE please ensure it is fit for purpose. (The UK government had a similar problem with a large batch of PPE imported from Turkey on 22-Apr-2020!)